CalSluice is happy to introduce the most innovative hand sluice on the market.
  • The #2B is a true undercurrent sluice box with two separate flow patterns.
  • The upper level has an armored drop/slick plate followed by a perforated metal grizzly.  The lower level, below the drop plate and grizzly, is a low velocity sluice to catch and protect your fines.
  • No need to classify your pay dirt before you run it through the sluice.   Shovel straight onto the armored drop plate without damaging the box.  Large cobbles flow over the grizzly and drop off the back.  Fine gold drops to the protected, low velocity, under box.
  • The grizzly is easily removed during operation to check your recovery.
  • Multiply your production by tenfold.
  • Perfect for locations where powered tools are not allowed.


Length : 40"

Width : 10"

Weight : 13.5 lbs